Why settle for a sad and dark room when you can live in a hotel suite every day for free? I guarantee you that, contrary to popular belief, we won’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this. Here is the procedure to follow.

1- Opt for Pastel Colors

There are some hotels, of course, that adopt a somewhat radical decor. However, most of the time, they opt for neutral or pastel colors to please almost all guests.

2- Think About Emphasizing One or Two Walls

It is quite common, especially in luxury rooms, to have a wall or two to which all eyes are turned. This wall usually brings a touch of chic and charm to the whole decoration.

3- Put an Exceptional Accent on the Bedhead

I know many people ignore it, but take a look the next time you walk into a suite. Not being convinced that some readers will do it soon, I also advise you to look simply at hotel suite pictures. In 90% of the cases, the bedhead is monumental, almost royal. It is very often the central point of the whole room.

4- Buy Designer Lighting Fixtures

Another essential element of hotel suites is the lighting fixtures. Classical lights often have the peculiarity of being uninteresting from a design perspective. I don’t mean that it is necessary to find the last copy of the most expensive designer at all costs. This is not the case. I often search on the net and try to find some unusual specimens, and then I take the time to start looking for good electricians in Roswell, or somewhere similar, to help me fit them to the electrics. If you’re going to do it, do it right. If the mission proves impossible, it’s time to turn to design sites. No, accessories are not always as expensive as you might think. On the other hand, it will be easy to find some interesting models at reasonable prices in the promotional sections.

5- Learn How to be Creative

I can tell you it is an art, but it will have to be mastered. Hotel rooms are always tastefully decorated. So learn to be innovative and think about both decor and functionality. For example, for functionality, one may be tempted to fix a mirror on the door of the room or on one wall. You should never do this. Instead, I advise you to take several small mirrors, put them in beautiful frames, and hang them above your bedside table at different heights. The decorative impact will be far more important.

6- Carefully Choose the Decorative Accessories

Here, the puppy or clown figurines that your grandmother left you as a legacy have no place unless you really integrate them. I advise you to choose small but unique accessories. Objects such as candles should also be considered. Some beautiful candles, preferably aromatic and in different sizes, will enhance the atmosphere. Posters can decorate the walls. Difficulties in choosing the right posters? Here I invite you to choose black and white ones. They adapt easily to any interior.

7- Bring the Bathroom into the Bedroom

This is not always easy, especially if you live in a small apartment. I recommend those looking for a place to live to think about it in advance. The biggest problem in today’s homes is the lack of space. If possible, I advise you not to hesitate to sacrifice a room or another area to build this bathroom. Of course, you will need help from contractors and commercial plumbers to get the job done properly. You will need to get the fixtures and the piping right to avoid any hazards. Needless to say, the style of the bathroom should be precisely the same as the bedroom.

8- Think About the Cushions

If there is one detail of the decoration on which I encourage you to have fun, it is the cushions. In luxury suites, there are never enough. You can find them everywhere, on the bed and in the small living room of the suite. Do the same, copy this trend. Get some lumbar pillows for your bed. The presence of cushions softens the atmosphere and makes it warmer, whatever the size of the room. Moreover, unlike other accessories, cushions are not expensive. I think it is useless to mention that the style of these cushions must match the room textiles.

Transforming your bedroom into a beautiful hotel suite is not complicated. You just have to let your imagination speak for itself. Those who think they are not creative enough can simply consider the many photos available on the net and be inspired by them.