About Me


Greetings, and welcome. I’m Rolande Tasse, a thirty-something year old from France, and this is a website I run in my spare time.

I first started the site after eating at a restaurant named Midam, partway through a day of shopping for baseball caps. The juxtaposition of the two actions struck me as funny, in a way, and the name stuck in my head until I went and bought the domain. It’s a weird little reason for sure, but it is what it is.

So, what about me? You already have an idea of what the site is about. Various topics of interest, about homes, money, fashion and life. Well, I work as an interior designer across the country (though I mostly stick to Normandy),  and so my off time reflects my on time. I live and breathe these things, though I have learned more than that in my time.

Outside of all of it, I also enjoy drinking a variety of wines and spirits from around the world, and like many of my countrymen I have a fondness for good food. Hence why this site was named with a restaurant setting, despite everything. You can’t help those old habits, right?

So, that’s a little bit about me. Want to know more? Hit the contact button and fire away!