Finding the perfect birthday gift for a man is no easy task. Finding the best personalized birthday gifts for men is even harder, they just have to be touching without being cringey. While women will drop hints about the gift they want months before their birthday, men never really give anything away. Worst still, one may go to the trouble of finding them a gift only for them to act uninterested in the whole affair.

The truth is, it never gets easier to shop for a man no matter whether you have been together for a week or a year. They are just tough to figure out when it comes to gifts but make no mistake; he expects you to give him something special to mark his special day. Whether it’s his birthday, graduation, or anniversary, here are some gift ideas that will win his approval.

Buy a Sleek Watch

Men like jewellery and there is no better piece of jewellery to give as a classy watch. Shopping for men’s watches, you can expect the prices to be over the roof. Even so, an elegant timepiece with a little jewellery will always have him smiling. Watches can be given to your son, nephew or partner as a gift. What’s more, an expensive chronograph counts as a valid gift no matter the occasion.

Cool Sunglasses

Every man looks macho and stylish in sunglasses. All you have to do to nail this gift is to find a pair that matches his face. Do your homework and find out what type of glasses would look good with the shape of his face. Given that men don’t have much to work with when it comes to items that ornament the face, a good pair of glasses should work just fine as a gift.

Chuck Norris Heat Changing Mug

Nothing beats a heat changing mug for a gift and especially not for the men. Just make sure you have a cool message printed on the mug. What’s better than a Mug with Chuck Norris on it? One brilliant way to have the famous action star on a mug is adding details that appear when you pour hot water into the cup. I bet he’ll make it his favourite mug just based on the laughs he gets every time that funny Chuck Norris quote appears.

Brewing Kit for Beer

Artisanal beer is a trend that took off in a big way all through 2020. Microbrews are cool because what man doesn’t like serving his special brew when entertaining his friends? Solo brewing is the type of activity that would get your typically inactive man locked up in the basement for hours. Get him a complete beer brewer’s kit capable of making 5 gallons of beer. You don’t have to go for the priciest gear you can find. A kit of decent quality will impress just as well, as long as you have all the equipment and ingredients available.

Turn one Room in the House into His Man Cave

Every man dreams of having his man cave, not just any man cave but one that the missus approves of. You only need to allude to the hallowed man cave casually, and the man starts forming at the corners of the mouth. Think about his reaction when he comes back home, and his favorite room in the house has been converted into a man cave. A modest-sized TV, maybe a soundbar ( to make those football games extra special. The sight of it will have him boyishly excited. It is one of the unique gifts you could give to him on his birthday. Go the whole hog and add some of his favorite things in there. Don’t do too much to spruce up the place; after all, it is his man cave. Just having it would mean the world to him. Add a sign on the door in Macaroni Western style that says something like “my man cave, my rules.” Or you could get a customized neon sign from e-stores like Neon Mama if that’s the kind of style your man prefers. A gift like this would keep you in his mind even when he’s supposed to be enjoying alone time.

There are plenty of gift ideas that you can give to the man. The only problem comes in the picking of the gift. I have tried every gift on this list, and I can tell you with confidence that the men love these ideas. Pick one and personalize it however you please to make it even more thoughtful.