If you are into rural living, then Elizabeth Colorado is one of the regions where this is possible. It is a way of life that appeals to many people. They will want to leave busy cities and have a more laid-back lifestyle free from mental worries and daily pressures. Life tends to be more physical than mentally exhausting in these parts.

The homes for sale in elizabeth co can be discovered online. Let us then consider what is on offer when it comes to rural living and Elizabeth Co specifically.


Green Spaces

The advantage of green space is that it is known to lower the risk of blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. If we want to live a healthier lifestyle then we should seriously consider a more rural way of life and buying real estate in a location that makes this possible.


The Location of Elizabeth Co

Elizabeth Co is a rural community that is considered an excellent place to start a family or a place to grow old.

Just because you are in a rural location you do not have to be cut off from the conveniences. Elizabeth Co, for example, is only 20 to 30 minutes from the larger towns. These include Parker and Castle Rock, which are good for shopping. There are doctors’ offices there too. 

If you like smaller places, then Elizabeth Co is a nice town that is not too large. It is just outside the Denver Metro region and considered as a community that commutes.

Near to Elizabeth Co, you have Elbert County Trading Post for one-stop shopping and finding farm-fresh products. Also, they have arts and crafts and art galleries here. Rambler Ranch is a non-profit museum for those into history. If you like collecting old things to decorate your house, then you would like to explore Randy’s Antiques & Art. At Elizabeth Stampede are the stadium and arenas where the sports take place for everyone’s entertainment. Eating out is taken care of by Sawmill Bar & Grill there they have Traditional American food and bars to satisfy your appetite for dining. Casey Jones Park takes care of the music, which is country music with acoustic guitar groups.

In Elizabeth Co, you will not be far from all the action yet have the advantage of living in a peaceful community and the rural way of life you have always craved for you and your family.


History of Elizabeth Co.

Before moving somewhere, we will always want to know something about its history. Elizabeth’s origins are as a sawmill camp that operated in 1855 and was run by the Weber Brothers on the bank of Running Creek. Only three years later, gold was discovered in its creek. This resulted in a gold rush, although the quality of its gold never exactly led to any kind of boom for the town. That is history now.


The Cost of Living in Colorado

HowMuch.net suggests that you should be earning over $100,200 each year, or $8,350 per month, to be able to afford to live in Colorado. Elizabeth is, of course, in Colorado. We can then assume that you would need to think of something similar. If you are in this earning bracket with your plans, then you can make that decision to move to Elizabeth Co and experience the rural way of life just like the locals.

The cost of living is 5% more than the national average in Colorado, according to the Index. Colorado is, however, in the top ten of the largest US states, so there can be wide-ranging variations in living costs. It is then useful to ask the locals by considering visiting the area first as a tourist. This will give you a feel of the place and provide you with the opportunity to ask the people that know. They will welcome someone who takes an interest because they want to become a part of their rural community.