Finding the perfect suit for every occasion and wearing it properly takes a lot of work. However, all of our efforts are worth it once we start catching the attention of the people around us.

A great suit is a critical fashion piece to complete our business wardrobe. Besides making us look nicer, a suit can make us perform better and improve our cognition.

If you wish to feel confident and comfortable in your suit, ensure that it is appropriately styled and fits your body well. Whether you will wear it every day at the workplace or only during special occasions, there are several dos and don’ts that you should follow to achieve a stunning look.

The Do’s

As you walk into a room in a well-styled suit, it’s no surprise that you will command attention from everyone. While you want a perfect suit that can make you envied by other men, you may be clueless about where to start. So, below are the dos in men’s suit:

  1. Do Wear the Brand

Forget about the label; just wear the brand. No matter how much you want to display who designed and made your suit, ensure the labels from the sleeve. Carefully cut the stitches on the label’s side using a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper. Do not try to rip it off because it can cause damage to the fabric.

  1. Do Unbutton

The same way with sports coats and blazers, keep the bottom button of two or three-button suit jacket unbuttoned. Before sitting down, do not forget to unbutton your suit. In return, you can prevent wrinkles while prolonging your jacket wear and buttons lifespan.

  1. Do Use Suit Hangers

When hanging your new Custom Suits in the closet, you can use suit hangers to keep the shoulder well-intact. Using a regular skinny hanger will only ruin the jacket’s shape. So, do not forget to invest in suit hangers.

  1. Do Match Leather Colors

Getting your leather together is a great idea. Match the leather colors, like black belts, black shoes or brown belts, brown shoes. If you want easy pairing with brown and black leather, you can take advantage of a reversible dress belt.

  1. Do Ditch Stitching

Most garments like outwear, suits, and other formal attire are shipped with stitches in the vents or pockets. That way, they will arrive to you in excellent condition. Look for a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper to snip those stitches before wearing them.

The Don’ts

While suits can transform our overall look, we still need to ensure that we are wearing them properly. Below are the things you need to avoid if you wish to look your best:

  1. Don’t Overdo

You can be bold with colors and patterns but ensure not to overdo it. That way, you can maintain that attractive and empowering look. You can mix and match different patterns and colors and determine which one fits your personality and fashion needs.

  1. Don’t Wear Wrinkled or Dirty Suits

Stay pressed! Never wear your suit with dirt or wrinkles. Then, ensure that your shoes are not unpolished, dirty, or scuffed.

  1. Don’t Go without an Undershirt

Do you sweat a lot? If yes, ensure to wear an undershirt. However, you need to ensure that the white undershirt does not show at the neck opening underneath the dress shirt. Then, wear a V-neck or always button the top button to guarantee it does not show.

  1. Don’t Sag the Pants

When wearing pants, particularly dress pants, do not sag them. It can ruin any formal or casual wear.

  1. Don’t Forget the Socks

As you wear slacks or dress pants, you should pair them with dress socks. Ensure to match them to your suit. If you plan to wear contrasting socks, style them based on the occasion.


Life is sometimes about making the right impression. Once you wear stylish suits and follow the dos and don’ts guide above, you can form a positive impression even before saying any word. Whether it is your first-time wearing suits, you do not need to get overwhelmed. All you need to do is take advantage of the tips listed above and be confident.